Working together for the management and prevention of complications

The International Association for Prevention of Complications in  Aesthetic Medicine (IAPCAM) are proud sponsors of the Aesthetic Award for Distributor of the Year and would like to congratulate the winners, HealthXchange once again on their achievement. 
IAPCAM is an organisation working with international doctors, all specialist in aesthetic medicine on a consensus for the management and prevention of complications. 
As you are all aware there has been an increase in numbers of mis-managed complications due to an increasing numbers of practitioners offering an increasing number of treatments and a range of new treatments and products each year.
Industry comments indicate that there is a growing need for expert training in the management of acute and chronic complications; particularly relating to dermal fillers, and the use of hyaluronidase, when to, and when not to use, the appropriate doses to prescribe and how to manage all different complications. There is also a growing need to manage other types of aesthetic complications arising from the increased use of botulin toxin, lasers, chemical peels and the myriad other treatments available.
The aim of IAPCAM is to help the industry to establish a body of knowledge to share with medical practitioners in this field. IAPCAM aims to provide annual consensus updates as well as practical, evidence-based hands on training, collaborating with top pharmaceutical and aesthetic companies within the UK.

Highlights from 2021


Highlights from 2019

Join us for our Virtual Event, on Friday 3rd September at Church House Conference Centre in Westminster, London for an exciting agenda.

If you missed our symposium in September 2021, why not join us at IMCAS Paris 2022


IAPCAM will be also have a symposium at IMCAS Paris 2022

For this live symposium in Paris we will have a selected group of international speakers. We are honoured to have Dr Arthur Swift, Dr Phillip Kestemont, Dr Marina Landau, Dr Patrick Treacy, Dr Beatriz Molina, Dr Razny Berthold, Dr Rachra Murphy and Dr Leoni Schelka.